Join us for

New Braunfels

Wedding Guide’s

first annual

Business Summit!

November 5, 2019 from 9am to 4pm
 at the Milltown Historic Venue

What critical components are essential to growing a successful 2020 small business?

At New Braunfels Wedding Guide’s Business Summit you will be given nine fundamental keys every small business owner needs for a radical measurement of success in the New Year!

Business Summit Schedule:

    1. Discovering Your One Thing 8:45 AM- 9 AM
      • Welcoming everyone to the business summit
      • Understand Your Business Model and Dream Clients
      • Marketing Tip: Dumb, Lazy, and Mean 
      1. Risk Management 9 AM- 9:30 AM
        • How to keep your tangible and intangible property protected
        • Have a better understanding about your contracts, business entities, insurance, and other must haves
      2. Financial Literacy 9:30 AM- 10 AM
        • Learn how to improving ROIs based on your books
        • Discover simple bookkeeping strategies 
        • Learn about your tax return and what write offs are commonly missed, abused, and affect other areas of your life and business down the road
      3. Creating Success on The Number One Online Platform 10 AM- 10:45 AM
        • Maximize your online google appearance by making sure your offline reputation reflects your online reputation 
        • Be found, be chosen, and be easy to work with 
        • DIY Your Google Profile 
      4. Streamlined Sales Funnels 10:45 AM- 11:30 AM
        • Learn every step of a successful sales funnel that way you can free up time and maximize your online marketing expenses. 
      5. Branding Your Business Online 11:30 AM- 12:15 PM
        • Discover tools, resources, and methods to help you leave an impression on your ideal clients. 
        • What your website needs 
      6. Getting to Know Your Facebook Ad Manager for Facebook and Instagram Ads 12:30 PM- 1:30 PM
        • If you have been boosting your ads you’re doing it wrong! Come learn how to set up your audiences to target your ideal clients and create a simple ad to help you convert leads 
      7. Using Pinterest as A Lead Magnet 1:30- 2:15 PM

      8. Outsourcing, Investing, and Growing 2:15- 3 PM